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Homeopathic Case Studies|March 14, 2011 5:00 am

Autism Treated with Homeopathy

How An Autistic Child Responded to Homeopathic Treatment?

A 3 and 1/2 years male child approached me with his parents more than 1 year back with symptoms of autism. According to the parents–

– The child was apparently normal till 2 years of age, when suddenly started staying aloof from the rest,

– Got extremely irritable,

– Threw tantrums whenever someone tried to talk to him,

– Had developed excessive fear of dark.

– He also started having recurrent cough and cold during the same time. Now too he has cold and cough almost daily. There may be a gap of 4 days in between and again he gets.

– Every time it was suppressed by antibiotics and antipyretics and he used to be symptom-free for around 15 days.

– He was a smart child with lean disposition.

– Was a good-looking child with curly hair.

– Upon examination, more of bony character

– His first attraction on my table was my cell-phone and he got excited over that.

– He loves music, so much so that his tantrums come to a halt when mom starts the music player, but if he doesn’t like the music played, it will only add to the tantrums.

– Literally horrific tantrums, throws away things, etc

– Even got to know all his tantrums come to a standstill when he is traveling. (Patient had traveled about 200 km to reach me and he really enjoyed the journey)

– He lacked fixed gaze and could not understand any command given to him.

Upon further interrogation and clinical examination, his first remedy given was Calcarea phos.

No much improvement was noticed in first 15 days; however, his mother told that his cough and cold have reduced and have not developed since last dose.

Later, depending upon symptoms and totality taken again, he was prescribed Tuberculinum 1M 1 dose. From next week, he was prescribed Stramonium to be taken 1 dose on alternate days for 15 days.

Since he was given Tuberculinum, the changes in his behavioral tantrums were noticed from day 1. Stramonium enhanced the positive behavior and within 2 months, the child started recognizing commands and obeying them. Also the gaze was fixed now and he was listening to the special teacher who was appointed at home to help him acquire language skills. The child now started playing with the friends in the neighborhood too.

He was prescribed the doses of Tuberculinum thereafter with the gap of about 2 to 4 months and the other remedies used during the course were Pulsatilla, Mag mur, and Euphrasia for different acute complaints.

There was no other medicine used in this case and the treatment was continued for about a year, when he first started babbling and within next 3 to 4 months, he talked for the first time.

It has been an amazing journey for their parents and me through the thickness of disappointments, irritability, frustrations, joy, ecstasy, and what not! This journey was made worthwhile by the homeopathic medicines and positive response from the child! Homeopathy is not magic but yes, it cures miraculously!

Now it’s been about 3 months the child has started talking. I had first posted about it on my facebook wall when I got the positive results on the first day when he talked. But I waited to post this entire case because I wanted to assess the sustainability of the treatment!

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