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Now we are in Sadashivnagar, Belgaum - Belagavi, Karnataka! For appointments, please contact 91-944-823-3086. DrShreya.com is an online health & Homeopathic portal for people who want to seek expert homeopathic consultations from the comforts of their home. Dr Shreya Deshpande, a senior homeopathic consultant from India and a health columnist for various health portals has set up this website. People across the globe can seek her guidance here for the treatment of their intractable health problems and live a healthy life they always wished for!

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A Hearty Testimonial from our Patient with Ankylosing Spondylitis. We’re Grateful!

Shakti N Rana

After a lot of various kind of treatment, which were ineffective and gave only a short term relief in my Ankylosing spondolitis, In Aug 2009 i decided to undertake treatment from Dr. Shreya Deshpande when i browsed through her online treatment website. It was my lucky day i guess! Where PAIN MANAGEMENT is the topmost priority. Dr Shreya has excelled. The conventional and other system of medicine and its mixed side effects had played a havoc with my health and functional abilities.I was constantly depressed, dysfunctional and an emotional wreak and to top it ,the expenses of non effective treatments.

I am a different person now. Gradually with her response and excellent treatment i became PAIN FREE which is so important to function in a day to day life. Her treatment has helped me emotionally and mentally too. Her prompt response and strong connectivity to her patient made me trust her completely. I have referred her to many patients not only in India but abroad too. They are satisfied and cured. The online system allows privacy and instant access to her when we need her help.The consultation fee is extremely reasonable compared to the treatment we get. My family and I have only blessings for her. God give us Doctors like Dr. Shreya Deshpande!

Shakti N Rana New Delhi (Name and Place Real)
(We believe in strict confidentiality. The testimonials with real names are published only after a complete consent from the patients)
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