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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Homeopathy Treatment

Now a day, a large majority of people is choosing Homoeopathy as their prime treatment option. But many of them have certain queries in their minds. If they are not answered properly, they lead to certain misconceptions that in turn tarnish the image of Homoeopathy. So, this is an effort to put forward some common questions and their logical answers: –

1. Is it true that there are strict rules about diet and regimen in Homoeopathy?

Some doctors have strict rules but actually the recommended rule is- One should not consume any solid or liquid diet 15-20 minutes before and after taking the medicine. If you have consumed strong smelly substances like tobacco, alcohol, onion or garlic, then leave at least an hour, rinse your mouth thoroughly with water and then consume the medicinal pills.

Dr. Sankaran, one of the renowned Homoeopaths, has said in his works that Homoeopathic medicines are far more powerful to get altered by mild dietary changes.

Obviously, the dietary rules for respective diseases should be followed (e.g. avoid sugar in diabetes, salt in hypertension, etc.)

2. Is it true that once we start Homoeopathic medicines, patient suffers from intensified illness, i.e. there is aggravation of symptoms?

In case of certain hypersensitive patients, such intensified reaction is sometimes observed but it is not always true. Most of the times, patient feels better very much on a subtle plane without any aggravation. If the symptoms are aggravated to a morbid level, it is an indication of a wrong medicine. Obviously, in certain cases, the onset of symptoms corresponds to expulsion of the disease outside. E.g. In case of sinusitis, after starting the medication, patient sometimes observes increase in the sputum production. This is a good reaction as sinuses are getting emptied. So, before labeling any reaction as aggravation, consult your Homoeopath.

3. Does Homoeopathy work slowly?

In Homoeopathy, the symptoms of the patient should exactly match the symptoms of the medicine so that the relief is obtained. So, when the selection of the medicine is proper, there should be relief to the patient even in minutes. Obviously, this is true for acute illnesses like cough, cold, fever etc. For chronic ailments like arthritis, allergic colds and coughs, asthmas and skin diseases which are affecting patients for years together, radical cure takes time but patient starts feeling better from start itself.

4. Why all Homoeopathic medicines look alike?

The sugar pills (pellets), which are used to dispense Homoeopathic medicine, are only carriers. They are not the medicines. We, homoeopaths add medicine to those sugar pills so that it is easier to administer. Actually, there are more than 3000 medicines in Homoeopathy.

5. Why there is no surgery in Homoeopathy?

Homoeopathy is a branch of medicine. The treatment faculty is medicine, so why the question of surgery? Rather many illnesses like piles, fissures, kidney stones, abscesses that require surgical intervention are tackled brilliantly by Homoeopathic medicines. So we say, Homoeopathic medicines sometimes replace surgeon’s knife.

6. Can we continue other treatments along with Homoeopathy?

For conditions like heart diseases, diabetes, epilepsy, etc., we don’t stop the previous medicines altogether. Rather, after starting Homoeopathic medicine, we review the patient’s response and depending on the investigation reports, we taper the dosage of previous medicine and if possible, completely stop them. But for conditions like allergies, arthritis, certain skin diseases, etc., one should not continue both medicines as it becomes difficult to assess which one is working and poses difficulties in evaluation of the future treatment.

7. Is it true that there are absolutely no side effects of the Homoeopathic medicines?

Obviously there are no major side effects but it does not mean that one should have a casual approach in taking the drugs. One must always remember that it is a medicine and has to be taken as per the guidelines of your Homoeopath. One must strictly follow the dosage and time of consumption of pills. In case someone accidentally consumes many pills at a time, inform your doctor and take the necessary step.

As the Homoeopathic medicine acts on a higher plane, there are chances that after wrongly consumed medicine, one may not develop side effects immediately but may be after days, months or even years. So, follow the guidelines meticulously.

Homoeopathy is a branch of medicine founded on sound principles and philosophy. It can never be wrong as far as its effectivity is concerned. It is a holistic medicine and aims at permanent cure than mere palliation.

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