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Homeopathic Case Studies|March 14, 2011 5:10 am

A Migraine Case Treated with Homeopathy

A Man Suffering from Migraine Relieved with Homeopathy!

A man of 40 years had come with terrible headache and extreme nausea and vomiting. He had awful burning along the alimentary canal and anything eaten or drunken was not digested at all. He was on Sibelium since last 2 years on and off and his physician had advised him for homeopathic treatment, since the earlier regime (inclusive of a few anti-hypertensives) was not helping him with his migraine. Yes, it was a migraine headache that is increasingly becoming common these days, mostly due to enhancing stress and fast paced lifestyle.

My patient was a software executive and was working at a stretch for about 7 to 8 hours on computer. He had his own family business too for which he used to work at night sometimes for studying accounts. After taking his case history, following totality come into picture-

– Erratic eating schedule, eats sometimes at 12 in midnight, sometimes sleeps without eating

– Mornings are usually bad with a kind of heaviness of head and constipation

– As he doesn’t pass stools properly, develops a sort of pain in limbs and numbness follows

– Sun-headaches, migraine attacks more in summers, winters are comparatively OK but these days developing headaches in winters too

– Stress typically aggravates headache, feels like running away from day to day activities

– Headache aggravated severely when he stares continuously at his laptop. He makes an attempt to look away and then work again after some time.

– But very scrupulous in business matters as well as his day to day job

– Every detail has to be ascertained before he submits any kind of report.

– Feels at ease when at home but irritates when wife tells any kind of work, however small that might be.

– Sweating on face and back, not smelly or staining

– Blisters in both scapular region that occasionally itch, go off suddenly and return suddenly; can’t say anything regarding their cause of appearance

– Has history of typhoid fever when he was 30 years of age that recurred twice and he was under regime for almost 2 months

– Earlier the headache was affecting frontal region; however, recently the headache starts in occiput and then spreads across the head

– When head aches, he wants to be alone, even slightest noise makes him irritable

– Likes salty stuff but restrains intake now, as his physician has warned him against high blood pressure that he might develop over a period of time, considering his severe headache spells.

– Likes sweets too

– No specific abdominal complaints but is often constipated due to his erratic eating schedule and he knows that very well.

– Says, “Please relieve me of this; otherwise I don’t know how am I going to live for long with this kind of tension headache, because my tensions are going to increase and not lessen.”

The first remedy chosen and given was Onosmodium 200. He was asked to return after 1 month.

During this time, he suffered from headaches 3 times, which was much less as compared to earlier times, though heaviness of head still persists.

Now he is prescribed Natrum mur 1M 1 dose and Onosmodium 200 as and when needed if there is headache.

There were on and off spells of migraine but severity of attack reduced to a great extent and the patient was able to live without analgesics. Also he said even if attack comes, goes off within shorter period of time than earlier. This regime with increasing doses of Natrum mur were continued for 8 months. In between acute remedies prescribed if needed were Gelsemium, Belladona, Bryonia and Nux vomica.

After successful treatment, he is today a responsible man concentrating in all of his duties and showering care and affection on his family! Migraine is totally gone!

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