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Homeopathic Case Studies|March 14, 2011 5:04 am

A Female Patient of Psoriasis

:: A Peculiar Case of Psoriasis Treated With Homeopathy!

Skin is one of the major domains of homeopathy. There are many skin troubles that get cured by fewer doses of homeopathy without inflicting any side effects, unlike the steroid applications or internal medications.

Here is a peculiar case of psoriasis that was cured entirely by homeopathic medicines and now the patient is symptom-free for about 2 years.

A female patient aged 38 yrs, approached me for the diagnosed case of psoriasis by skin experts. She had been under treatment for about 1 and ½ years with many skin specialists and even a homeopath for last 6 months. She was so reluctant when she came to me that she was not ready to open up at all. Her friend who was my patient earlier, had forced her to consult me and so she was here, all frowning, as if knowing this is not going to help her at all, and with the haggard face (totally expressionless).

Despite being experienced in counseling of depressed patients about their condition, I was unable to make her speak out about her condition, neither was I able to judge anything except regarding her behavior and her expressionless face. The psoriatic patches were typical, nothing very peculiar about them. She has itchy spells that were severe sometimes. In such patients, I usually give them some time to open up and the best way to do so is to make hem write about their complaints. Ideas flow well when a person writes and is more open.

The totality of symptoms were-

In the space for “Presenting Symptom” the woman had written- “I am fed up of the skin problem that I have since ages I feel. I am forced to come to you, as I know you will not be able to help me.”

The other things were written in too meager words- like urine-normal, stool-normal, appetite- average, cravings- nothing, aversions- nothing, etc.

About itching, she wrote– I don’t remember the time when I am not itching. It drives me crazy.

Upon this first interview, she was prescribed a single dose of Aurum met 1M 1 dose.

After this interview, the female did not turn up for a month. And when she came, she was all in smiles! I was relieved to see her smiling! The first question she asked to me was- “Did I behave too badly with you last time?”

After I nodded “No!” she smiled again…

This time, she had come alone and still looked at ease with herself. She began to talk and word-flow was pretty good. In my mind, I thanked Aurum met that saved me from hearing some bratty comments! J

Now about psoriasis-

The remedy had matched so amazingly that her psoriatic patch on left knee was literally vanished. However scalp was itchy still and the lesions could be seen on the margins of scalp where the hair starts all round. Also another small spot was noticed on her back just below the left scapula and it was itching.

Among all the unique features, the craving for pickles was very peculiar. She craved pickles so much so that if there are no pickles at home, she will go to the neighborhood and get a bowl of pickles for the day!!

She was prescribed Antim crud 200, to be repeated every fortnight.

After this dose, there has been gradual improvement. During the course, she was also prescribed Mezereum, Oleander, and Natrum mur for the acute complaints in between.

Today this woman is a happy woman that brings to me so many other patients of psoriasis and smiles when others smile sharing their positive feedback!

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