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Homeopathic Case Studies|March 14, 2011 5:08 am

Surgery Averted in a Case of Hemorrhoids with Homeopathic Treatment

A Patient Who Was Advised Surgery for Hemorrhoids Responded to Homeopathic Treatment!

When Mr. XYZ entered my clinic, his gait made me think he has some anal problem. He could not walk; barely could he sit in the chair in front of me. His son informed that he is suffering from severe hemorrhoids and is scared of surgery. The surgeon had instructed to go for immediate surgery; otherwise the pain would be unbearable. According to him, he also suffered from mild fissure due to which the pain is more severe.

He was a man nearing 65 and was on anti-diabetic medicine since last 15 years. He also had high blood pressure for which he was consuming Tab. Stamlo 10 mg (Amlodipine) daily.

However, his sugars and BP were then normal.

The totality of symptoms included following—

– extreme pains while defecating

– small skin tags visible at anus

– hot sensation inside the rectum with mild to moderate bleeding

– frequent hyperacidity spells with heartburn

– constipation prevalent since long, has to take an ayurvedic preparation in order to have normal bowel movement

– sweating +

– also suffers from aphthous ulcers recurrently

– the excruciating pain has aggravated since last few days and now he fears going for stools on account of this

– craves sugary things, likes spicy stuff too

– has history of hemorrhoids in family

– also history of hypertension and diabetes in family

The remedy given was Aloe socotrina and the patient was asked to give follow up after a week.

The pain and inflammation of anus was reduced, but constipation was still persistent and the patient felt chilly when going out. The aphthous ulcers were persistent too. It indicated no improvement on gastric front.

He was prescribed Nux vomica and asked to come back after 15 days. He was also advised some yoga exercises and Pranayam during this period.

During this time, his pain and swelling was taken care by Nux efficiently. He did not take his ayurvedic formulation, as it relieved him to a good extent from constipation too. Mild aphthae were still present but his appetite had improved. He was continued on the same for a month more.

The aphthous ulcers vanished by this time. His gastric complaints were almost gone and his bleeding per rectum stopped.

He was continued on and off on these two medications as and when required for next 6 months, along with a middle dose of Lycopodium 1M.

After about 7 to 8 months of treatment, his complaints totally vanished and he is now enjoying better health.

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